The crew makes the ship! As a result of its great maritime tradition and reputation, Latvia has always been a major supplier of maritime personnel to many leading companies in the shipping industry. As the shipping industry grows, the lack of adequate staffing becomes acute. The Latvian seafarer is considered to be a well-educated European, a speaker of good English, a hardworking seaman, and a loyal and dedicated employee. His overall professionalism will make him a most valuable asset to the shipping industry. 

Seafarers from Latvia meet the highest standards for ship’s jobs. Our crewing agency’s database has more then 9000 CVs of seafarers of all ranks; including superintendents, surveyors, ship and shipyard inspectors, and experts.

Today, there are 12000 active seafarers in Latvia and we will select the most suitable crew for your ship. Every year almost 100 students graduate from Latvian nautical schools and colleges—we select the best of those for our clients.

Our mission is to provide superior crewing agency services to our clients at competitive price.